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Hubble Insight Software

Hubble is an integrated suite of performance management apps from It offers reporting, analytics, and planning in a single real-time solution that fully understands your ERP. Hubble integrates your critical business systems so users at all levels have access to live data – extraordinarily fast. This visibility enables users at all levels to easily understand, manage, and predict the business.

Hubble Insight Software

QSoftware Global is an Independent Software Vendor and Oracle Gold Partner, Q Software delivers security and compliance solutions for users of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, JD Edwards World, Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud ERP. Their products help customers to protect their businesses from fraud whilst significantly reducing the cost, effort and complexity of managing risk and demonstrating regulatory compliance and handling internal and external audits and periodic reviews.


Brightize is specialised in advisory, guidance and development regarding Business Intelligence challenges and questions.
As Brightize has a readily available data warehouse, tailored towards JDE, it can help you visualise your data throughout your organisation and adapt it towards your specific business cases. This allows you to monitor, analyse and manage based on timely and accurate data.


Most ERP implementations feature at least a minimum of Microsoft software and technology. Pixontri has trained experts in all aspects of Microsoft operating systems, networking, database and the management thereof.
Aside of this technical expertise, Pixontri is actively training its coworkers onto the Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions suite so we can set the decades of ERP process expertise at work in this growing platform as well.


As our core competency and historical expertise lies around Oracle JDEdwards EnterpriseOne, we partner with Oracle so we can tap into the Oracle network including all resources and vendor support.


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